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Ad-hoc polymorphic chocolate ice cream

1 minute read

3 ingredients and strong arms, that is what you need (well, you can cheat with a mixer). This polymorphic reciPL is much cheaper than regular ice cream, and ...

You’ll mispronounce it: Bolinho de Chuva

1 minute read

The literal translation of this low-effort dish is “Rain cake”, but this is not a cake, it it does not rain (although, during the publication of this reciPL,...

Chicken Okra Low Effort

2 minute read

This reciPL becomes low-effort if you have a pressure cooker. This is not a common item in some countries in Europe or North America, but it drastically redu...

Unprovable Opéra

7 minute read

Shop the ingredients in advance. This reciPL is very hard, and very expensive. Be prepared for non-trivial proofs, and possibly unprovable lemmas.

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