Lemon mousse (rejected by reviewer 2)


  • 1 can of condensed milk
  • Heavy cream 35% (same amount as the condensed milk can)
  • 300 ml of lemon juice or 200 ml of lemon concentrate
  • Berries (Optional)


You’ll need a blender

One of the laziest dessert recipes you’ll see. Are you preparing dinner for your significant others and forgot about dessert? No worries, this recipe will save you. Are you forever alone and feeling you need sugar, with a very low amount of effort? This recipe also covers that. Proudly rejected by reviewer 2, kindly accepted by lazy chefs.

Add the condensed milk into the blender. Fill the same can with heavy cream, pour into the blender. Add lemon juice (in batches of 50ml), mix it up. After adding all the lemon juice, blend it for 2 minutes.

Put the mousse into a large glass container with a lid. Refrigerate for about 2 hours.

Serve with fruit if you want.


Useful hints

Condensed milk is not a popular element in some parts of the globe, but you can get it at Costco (in Canada or in the USA), or at small grocery shops in Europe.

Appendix, Types and Artifact

The proofs are left as an exercise for the reader. We’re not proving soundness nor completeness here. We’re too lazy for that.

Reviewer 2’s report

Score: 2 (weak reject)

Confidence: X (expert)

Comments to the chef: This recipe describes a lemon mousse, based on XXX’s [chase up reference later] but using condensed milk in addition to heavy cream.

The novelty of this recipe is the use of condensed milk, but this seems to be something of a technical delta over existing work. It appears to more suitable for publication in a specialist workshop on mousse, and not a general recipes blog.

Detailed comments: l21: The recipe can be followed using a whisk, not just a blender?

l23: “feeling alone” is subjective.

l25: “50ml” should be justified by experimental evidence.

l35: Citation needed for Costco.


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